In the framework of the project “Fostering Creativity and Connecting Cultural Assets through Monuments” (RyTHM) of the INTERREG IPA CBC Greece-Albania 2014-2020, the Municipal Regional Theatre of Corfu in cooperation with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corfu presented on Thursday, September 5, the music and dance performance “SCHEMATA a site-specific perform

ance” in which four female performers tell their personal stories in opposition to the historical scene and time around them. A specially designed outdoor installation was set up in the Old Fortress for the needs of the performance.
SCHEMATATA is a spatial interactive experience in which the digitized material (sound / image) interacts with the physical / live presence (visual / artistic installation) thus creating a landscape / place that seeks to conform to the active viewer / observer involvement. Attendance was free throughout the performance.

Adaptation, direction, choreography: Eleni Parginou
Director Assistant: Evgenia Pouli
Music, sound desing: Kostas Frantzis
Video editing: Filipos Salapatas, Dionysia Duke
Collaboration on stage installation: Maria Tereza De Rosario
Technical Assistance: Vision of Sound
Perdormers: Emanuela Korki, Nefeli Ananiadi, Vasiliki Souri, Amalia Arseni, Eleni Parginou, Christiana Kosiari, Despina Staurou, Gina Kakava, Aimilia Benatou.