In the framework of the activities for the  “Enhancement of part of the Bastion Front of the Old Fortress of Corfu” of the RyTHM project, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corfu implemented access improvement works to the Contra Fossa area of the Old Fortress.

Cleaning and deforestation of the vegetation was carried out by rope access technicians on the wall of the counterscarp (contrafossa). Loose mortars were removed and stonework joints were pointed in the area of the southern descent staircase to the sea moat. Consolidation works were carried out on the wall of the counterscarp of the Old Fortress and on the intermediate gate of the descent staircase. The loose parapet of the staircase was replaced with a new one and its metal railing was maintained in situ. The damaged parts of the paving were restored. Modern constructions were removed and transferred from under the bridge of the Old Fortress. Finally, the demolition materials were transported out of the monument to licensed dumping sites.