On Sunday 3 November 2019, the inauguration of the painting exhibition of Aglaia Papa at the Livadia Cultural Center was held in the context of the “Fostering Creativity and Connecting Cultural Assets through Monuments” (RyTHM) of the INTERREG IPA CBC Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020 project. The exhibition was included in the events of the Municipality of Phoinice for the naming of the Cultural Center, which took the name of the painter’s sister, the author Katina Papa.

The purpose of the exhibition is to highlight the relationship between the two regions and to pay tribute to the memory of the Papa sisters, who were born in the early 20th century in Giannitsates of the Municipality of Phoinice and lived a large part of their lives in Corfu, where they distinguished themselves in literature and painting respectively.

The exhibition includes precise copies of Aglaia Papa’s works from the collection of the Municipal Gallery of Corfu, which granted the licence for their reproduction.

The event was attended by the band ION Ensemble of Corfu, which presented a program with Ionian music.