Greece – Albania
2014 – 2020

Ancient Theatre of Finiq

Municipal and Regional Theatre of Corfu

Savorgnan Bastion

Ephorate of Antiquities of Corfu


Fostering Creativity and Connecting Cultural Assets through Monuments

The main objective of the proposed project RyTHM is the valorisation of two significant monuments in the Greece-Albania cross border area in order to enhance knowledge regarding the value of local heritage, foster creativity, strengthen regional identity, and increase the attractiveness of the area for visitors so as to support economic growth. Both countries have a rich cultural heritage, tangible and intangible. However both countries have to deal with current challenges concerning the promotion and enhancement of their cultural assets and their proper valorisation for the benefit of the local communities, but also for the wider public, especially young people. By tackling common issues of efficient cultural management RyTHM explores the spillover effects of heritage preservation in tourism and in the development of the creative sector. The project also proposes ways to invigorate cultural tourism and to promote cross-border cooperation between cultural institutions and organisations.

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