Implemented in the Framework of
InterregIPACBC «Greece-Albania 2014 – 2020»

The Kick-off meeting of the cross-border cooperation project «RyTHM Fostering Creativity and Connecting Cultural Assets through Monuments» will be held on 13th December 2018 in Corfu,at the premises of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corfu in the Old Fortress.
The Ephorate of Antiquities of Corfu is the Lead Beneficiary of this project in cooperation with one Greek partner, the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Corfu and one partner from Albania, the Municipality of Finiq.

RyTHM project,financed for 651.620,00€ under Priority Axis 2 “Boosting the local economy” of the Interreg IPAΙΙ CBC “Greece-Albania 2014-2020”, aims at the enhancement, protection and promotion of cultural monuments in the cross-border area, through the cooperation of cultural institutionsin order to strengthen their building capacity.

The project foresees actions for the enhancement and accessibility in the Savorgnan Bastion and the moat (Contrafossa) in the Old Fortress of Corfu, aswellasactionsfortheintegrateddesignandoperationoftheculturalcenterinLivadhjia, at the Municipality of Finiq in Albania. The enhancement actions include the organization of the cultural initiatives, such as joint exhibitions and artistic events, to be implemented by the Municipal and Regional Theater of Corfu.

he Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020” was approved by the European Commission with the overall strategy to find the balance between sustainable regional development and enhancement of cross-border cooperation among local population and regional institutions, in accordance with EU and national policies, in order to address common challenges through joint interventions. The Interreg IPA II CBC “Greece-Albania” program aims to make a maximum return of € 54.076.734,00 million financed per 85% by EU funds and per 15% by the 2 member states through a national co-financing.